A long time ago, before the break-through power of Google was present to help sift out the rubbish, websites that repeated the same keyword over and over were ranking high in search engines. Their content was worthless to the average reader, but to search engines, these websites were gold. Google came along and decided that people using the internet needed quality over quantity, and they decided to change everything.

SEO Company

Thanks to Google’s Page Rank system, websites that repeat a keyword endlessly are punished with a lower ranking, and people who actually take the time to provide quality content are rewarded. So if you are looking for a company to help set up your website’s SEO, you may need to sift through a lot of companies that have no clue what they are doing, before you find one that provides quality services.

Finding the Right SEO Company

It would be nice if you could look in your local yellow pages for the best SEO company in Australia, but there is a good chance you will not find them there. You will find the right company online, right where they should be. However, when you price many of the best SEO companies online, you will see prices in excess of $50,000 per month, and not all of them provide great service. So how do you know if the service you are looking at is right for you?

Before you start looking for a company, you should decide your budget. By deciding your budget beforehand, you will be more likely to stick to it, and not overreach due to pricing. It will make you more attentive to the quality and value of the services provided.

Once you determine your budget, you may notice quickly that you cannot afford the services of a large, commercialized SEO company. These companies are mostly for websites that are aimed at a world-wide audience. Focus on local and regional SEO companies if you are looking to get the best value for a small budget.

Look at Their Rankings

By looking at the rankings of the company themselves, you will gain a lot of information about what they will provide for you. Sadly, this is one of the most important factors that website owners do not consider when they are surfing for SEO service.

Check with other website owners in your niche and see if they will provide you with the name of their SEO service. There is a good chance they will ask for something in return, but this is usually advertising space for their company on your website, which is a reasonable exchange for such valuable information.

Company Pricing

There is a very good chance that your local website does not need the power behind a $50,000 per month SEO plan. You need a company that will work hard to provide you great service, at a cost-effective price for your local business.

Your local business will benefit the most from the service of an SEO company in your general location, or at least your region. By hiring locally, you ensure that the company knows your target audience, and that they can provide quality service that will suit your needs. You will also benefit from a local business because they are not as commercialised as larger businesses. Having a more down to earth approach for your small business may prove to be beneficial, and more cost-effective. When you are looking for a SEO Company in Australia look at the top tire companies first.