Areas of specialisation in family law

Family law is a vast field that is involved in dealing with different family matters. Most people think that divorces and separation are the only areas that are covered by family law. However, they are but a few places that family law covers. When you go to law school and choose to deal with family law, you must know that you cannot offer all the services under family law. This is because there are many, and instead of being a jack of all trades, you can specialise in one or two-family law services.


Areas covered by family law

You can decide to offer the following services to your clients depending on your area of specialisation as family lawyers Gold Coast.


  • Divorce

This is among the major types of services that most people will want you to offer them. Family may be a basic structure in society, but if two partners decide that they cannot continue living under the same roof due to family issues, the best thing to do is get a divorce. Family law allows partners to go through the required procedures to break their marriage without confronting each other. There are many reasons why people may decide to get a divorce, and as a lawyer dealing with this area of family law, you get to help clients go through this procedure without any challenges.


  • Child custody

After a divorce, parents have to raise their kids, even if they are doing it separately. Family law helps parents reach a consensus about who will be taking care of the kids and whom they will be living with. However, certain factors will determine who among the parents will be living with the kids. Also, family law sets the amount of child support the other parent should raise every month to support the kid or kids.


  • Paternity

At times parents question the paternity of their kids. Family law gives parents the right to prove or disprove the paternity of a child. If a man realises that he has been supporting a child that is not his biological child, family law experts are required to intervene for such men or parents.


  • Marriage and civil unions

Any couple who wants to enter a civil union or marriage needs someone specialising in family law to help them come up with a prenuptial agreement. Also, family law helps other partners get a postnuptial agreement to change their contractual status between them.


  • Domestic abuse

Any form of domestic abuse falls under family law. This type of law helps solve the abuse problems and handles any cases that are a result of abuse.


  • Adoption

If a couple cannot have their biological children, they have the right to adopt a child or children. Family law helps lawyers evaluate whether couples can adopt the kids and helps them use the proper procedures to adopt kids.


  • Guardianship

Some people will want to obtain guardianship of minors who are not their biological children.  Whichever you want to be the minor’s guardian, family law permits you to get a lawyer to help you facilitate the paperwork and obtain custody of the minor.



Family law is a comprehensive type of law. Suppose you have always wanted to help the community. In that case, it’s time for you to study law, specialise in family law, and select any of the above subcategories of family law. Many people will benefit from your services.



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